Alewife Station Lobby Reopens, Nearly 2 Months After Crash Sends Debris Tumbling Down

The main lobby and garage's fifth floor reopened Monday morning


Alewife Station's main lobby, and its garage's fifth floor, reopened on Monday morning, after a car crashed into a concrete barrier nearly two months ago, sending debris crashing down into the Cambridge, Massachusetts, station.

The crash happened on Feb. 4, when a car crashed on the top floor of the parking garage, sending a 10,000-pound piece of concrete tumbling down. It landed the roof over the station, sending debris into the lobby below.

A large concrete slab fell from the parking garage at the Alewife MBTA station in Cambridge after a crash Saturday.

The entire station had to be closed for a period of time, with shuttles replacing service. The station was eventually reopened, with an alternative entrance via the Russell Field headhouse. The main lobby and fifth floor of the parking garage remained closed through Monday.

The MBTA said that a temporary shoring tower was in place, supporting the roof, and new barriers on the garage's fifth level were added to allow for safe access. Permanent repairs to the damaged roof trusses will be made in the future.

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