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Rain, Snow Squalls and Falling Temps

Tracking downpours tonight. With a developing storm overhead, they won't last all night, but the puddles will be deep and the runoff significant in the first part of the night. A quick exit to the rain is expected later tonight and the morning commute should be fine.

However, that's only phase one of what is turning out to be a bumpy ride in the coming days.

Tomorrow will seem fine: highs near 50, sun and clouds blending. Then, late into the afternoon and evening, a round of squalls will fire up. They are driven by a lot of energy in the upper atmosphere, so they could be nasty (i.e. white-outs and poor visibility). They'll move on as quickly as they arrive, so accumulations will be minimal. Most importantly, temps will crash from the 40s to the low 30s within minutes, so beware of black ice.

After the cold air settles in, our attention turns to a pair of storms that glide by offshore on Friday and Saturday. Friday's "event" seems close enough to give us a glancing shot at some small accumulation (in my mind I'm thinking 2-4") - mostly over the Cape and Islands. Saturday's system looks to be just out of reach for any potential. However, here we'll have to stay sharp. Saturday's storm is a lot bigger and has greater snow-making potential.

We'll stay on it. Check back form more online and on-air.

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