Alleged Shooter of Maine Sheriff's Deputy Pleads Not Guilty

The man accused of shooting and killing a sheriff's deputy in Norridgewock, Maine, in April has pleaded not guilty to murder.

John Williams was arraigned in a Portland courtroom Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm very confident in the state's case," said Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese. "I believe we will prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, and we will be asking for a life sentence."

On the day Williams was due in court in Massachusetts on firearm charges, police say Williams shot Corporal Eugene Cole in the head in Norridgewock. Williams allegedly stole Cole's cruiser, stole cigarettes and water from a nearby gas station, abandoned the cruiser on Martin Stream Road and hid in the Norridgewock woods for days.

The case received so much attention, a judge ordered a change in venue, moving criminal proceedings to Cumberland County Court.

"I believe we will be able to get a fair and impartial jury," said Marchese.

In the courtroom Tuesday were several people supporting John Williams, including his girlfriend Kristina Pomerleau. She was with Williams when he was arrested on drug charges in Massachusetts, and she was arrested by Cole days before the murder.

With Pomerleau was Williams' mother, Marge Williams. She said her son looks much different now because he is sober, and that drugs played a large role the night Cole died.

Williams' attorney, Verne Paradie, said his client is in "good spirits." He said they are waiting on results of a court-ordered mental health evaluation.

Williams is being held without bail. Paradie said after reviewing the state's evidence, he will decide if he should ask for a bail hearing.

Attorneys expect this case to go to trial next May.

Hours before the court hearing, Cole's wife, Sheryl Cole, wrote an emotional post on Facebook describing how much she misses her husband.

"I still cry a little every night," she wrote. "I have chosen to let go of any hate and anger... but one thing I will never let go of is you."

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