Thousands Unload Last Boxes as Move-in Day Comes to Close

The sprint of move-in weekend is in its final phase as students and Allston residents alike carry the last of their belongings into their new apartments.

"I feel very tired right now," resident Kien Nggyen said.

Not everything has made it out of the car just yet, but trucks and UHauls are being unloaded by the minute.

For Thomas Grannis, who owns Affordable Angels Movers, this is the busiest time of year, but he's learned how to deal with the chaos.

"Just a couple of moves so far today. I didn't book very many jobs this season because I didn't want to overload myself and get backed up and end up having unhappy customers," Grannis said.

Yosbel Victores is in Allston to help his girlfriend move into her new apartment.

"Awww it's crazy today. There's so much traffic," he said. "There's so many cars all around. We've had to wait for like 30 minutes in order to get some parking, but it's a good day. Everyone's happy. Everyone is excited to start classes."

In Allston, the weekend is known as Allston Christmas because of all of the unwanted furniture left on the curb.

Free goodies also line the streets in Brighton, Mission Hill, Cambridge and pretty much anywhere college students live.

If you’re wondering exactly where to go to get some of these bargains, head over to and under the website’s street occupancy permit database, you’ll find the addresses of where permits have been pulled.

One student found a few items for free.

"We got a coffee maker. Free dresser. One of our roommates has a free mattress which is nice. And also some of the cheap stuff everyone selling things for cheap."

If you like thrifting and searching for second-hand bargains, now is the time to get out and shop until you drop.

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