Amazon Delivery Van Catches Fire in Wareham

The Wareham Fire Department said it was able to salvage several packages in the Amazon van

Wareham Fire Department/Twitter

With Christmas quickly approaching, Amazon delivery vehicles are perhaps a familiar sight now more than ever. Drivers have been busy delivering last-minute gifts to people's front porches across the country, with many anxiously awaiting their online purchases.

But one driver's shift didn't go quite as planned when the Amazon delivery van caught fire Thursday in a neighborhood in Wareham, Massachusetts.

The Wareham Fire Department responded to the fire, quickly knocking down the flames in the Amazon van, as well as a second vehicle that had been parked close by and was also damaged in the incident.

There were no injuries reported, the fire department said.

As for the packages inside the van, Wareham firefighters were able to salvage several boxes, but it's unclear how many were lost in the blaze less than 10 days before Christmas.

Pictures shared on Twitter by the fire department show several firefighters on scene with the van, which was parked in a neighborhood street with multiple houses nearby.

There were also onlookers standing at the ends of their driveways to see what was happening.

There was no word on what caused the fire.

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