New Hampshire

Amtrak Reported Child Playing ‘Chicken' With Train in NH, Police Say

Exeter Police

A child played "chicken" with a train Thursday in New Hampshire, Amtrak told police.

A group of seven children was seen playing on the tracks in Exeter. Amtrak reported that one of the children "was playing 'chicken' with a southbound train and was nearly struck," police said in a Facebook post Tuesday.

In response, police are increasing patrols near the tracks in the area and at the Amtrak station on Lincoln Street. They are also warning people about the dangers of trespassing on train tracks, noting that the Federal Railroad Administration reports more than 400 deaths per year.

"The train is going much faster than it appears to someone standing there, and we're making this public announcement to hopefully prevent a tragic and deadly accident from occurring," Exeter Police Chief Stephan Poulin said.

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