Shot By BB Guns: Animal Cruelty In East Bridgewater

Family believes animal cruelty at East Bridgewater farm is targeted

An East Bridgewater family is on edge after they say two of their animals have been shot and killed by a BB gun over the last two weeks.

The first animal was a 1-year-old hen that was put in a plastic bag. A few days later, a dead rabbit was found on top of their recycling bin. Both appeared to be killed by BB bullets.

The farm behind a home on West Pond Road is owned by the Maltz family. Veronica Maltz, 11, raises the animals as therapy for her severe anxiety. She was heartbroken to find two of her animals, including one she shows at competitions, dead.

“I’m just horrified that they would even do it because they’re such kind and gentle animals,” Maltz said.

Her mother thinks it has something to do with the neighbors who have been complaining that her animals are wandering. There is a cage, but they are allowed to roam freely. She does her best to keep them on her property line.

“I do think we’re being targeted. I think it was intentional,” she said.

Police are investigating the case of animal cruelty. Neighbors said they are shocked someone would think killing them is the solution.

“I don’t think it’s right someone is shooting them with a BB gun, but I do think they should be caged in instead of wandering all over the place,” James Calvani said.

The family said they plan on installing security cameras to catch the person responsible should it happen again.

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