New England

Another Approaching Storm to Drop Snow on New England Friday


I’ve heard from so many of you: “When is the sun coming back?!”  The answer has been, “Wednesday,” and here we are.

While the sun won’t be abundant, most of us will see some breaks today.  In addition to providing an emotional boost, emerging sunshine will have an impact on temperatures, affording the opportunity for most of New England to rise through the 40s, and for Southern New England to reach and exceed 50 degrees. 

With continued drying of the air and atmosphere, temperatures near freezing overnight Wednesday night won’t result in black ice development, so Thursday should be a quiet weather day right out of the gate, with ample sunshine and pleasant air as highs once again reach 50 degrees. 

Our next storm approaches Friday, and though precipitation has been in the forecast for some time, it’s looking more and more like enough cool air will hold on for a mix with snow for some and change to snow for others.  In fact, for deep interior Southern New England, Central and Northern New England, accumulating snow seems likely. 

Just how much snow accumulates Friday and Friday night depends on how strong cool air can hold on, but the potential exists for a few inches in places like North-Central and Northwestern Massachusetts, and as much as half a foot or more in some of the higher terrain of Central and Western New Hampshire into Vermont and perhaps the mountains of Maine!  An onshore wind will keep clouds, showers of flakes and drops, and cool air in place Saturday, with drying likely Sunday, though sun may be limited. 

The trend for Monday’s Red Sox home opener continues to be drier and nicer, and though showers return for the middle of next week in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast, temperatures look to be decidedly more spring-like.

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