Another Chance of Rain Overnight Ahead of Great Weekend Weather

The humidity and the temperatures fall a bit for both days of the weekend

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Well, it rained, at least in some spots. Northern Worcester County saw 1.5-1.8 inches of the good stuff. Elsewhere, it was just enough to make puddles and get folks excited. We’re waking up to more heat and humidity Friday, but the chance for more rain looms in the future.

I should call it “more selective rain," since this will spare the North Shore and Southern New Hampshire, for a change. All indications point to the South Shore, Cape and the Islands for the lion’s share of the rain this time around. Estimates on amounts range from half an inch to as much as one inch! If downpours do materialize, it may indeed be close to a soaking, but right now we’ll play it conservatively with lesser amounts. At this point, ANY period of steady rain is a gift.

Our mini storm system is long gone by sunup on Saturday. We’re also swapping out airmass too, as the humidity and the temperatures fall a bit for both days of the weekend. Beach plans, cookouts, get togethers, no plans – they all look fine for either day of the weekend. Sea breezes will keep us in the low 80s along the coast on Sunday.

Heat is building again next week. Another heat wave looks likely for many starting on Wednesday. And with just a couple of feeble chances at rain in the coming week to 10 days, it’s possible some parts of southern New England slip into extreme drought status.

Stay cool, enjoy the weekend and be safe!

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