Severe Weather, Tornadoes Possible for Parts of New England Tonight

Clouds and cool air are holding firm for New England – particularly closer to the coast – and even where splashes of sun emerge Wednesday, temperatures will be hard-pressed to surpass 70 degrees.

Nonetheless, another energetic disturbance that is caught in the jet stream winds aloft – the fast river of air that steers storm systems – will move quickly from the Great Lakes to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. This will be spawning another round of showers, downpours and thunder Wednesday evening.

Severe weather Wednesday evening will be focused mostly in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey southward to Washington D.C., but Connecticut is close enough to the action and we may see a few severe storms in the Constitution State. In fact, lower atmospheric winds in Connecticut are favorable for rotating storms, so if the storms can grow strong enough, either straight-line or tornado winds are possible.

However, the risk is not as high as neighbors to the south.

Farther north, the Springfield-Worcester-Boston corridor will see showers developing between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., respectively, ramping up over the course of the evening.

Once it arrives in the northern half of New England, it won't be anything more than just a few showers.

After midnight into early Thursday morning, patchy fog and drizzle will linger, much like it did Wednesday early morning. Then, it will lift for mostly cloudy skies but a mostly dry day. The next quick-moving disturbance arrives Thursday evening and night.

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That disturbance will once again spark downpours and thunder across particularly southern New England as it moves through. A bona fide break in the action sets in Friday: sunshine, a fresh breeze of new air and mild temperatures for a pleasantly perfect end to a somewhat drab week of weather.

This weekend, we’ve had to increase the chance of showers Saturday afternoon, as a new disturbance looks to move quickly enough to be into New England by the second half of the day. Sunday continues to look like a day of scattered showers and thunder at any given time.

Next week looks mild from this early vantage point, with high temperatures possibly climbing above 80 degrees by the end of the week in our exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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