Anti-Gun Violence Rally Held at Mass. State House

Following the deadly shooting at a Florida high school, advocacy groups against gun violence spoke out at the Massachusetts State House on Thursday.

More than 50 member organizations of a coalition took to the grand staircase to demand change, pushing for the passage of the "Extreme Risk Protective Order."

The bill would allow family members and law enforcement to seek a protective order requiring the removal of guns and suspension of gun licences when an individual is determined by the courts to post an extreme risk to themselves or others.

"Often before a mass shooting or a suicide there are red flags. Warning signs that a person looking to hurt themselves or others. So a bill like this would empower families to act upon those red flags," said gun control advocate Molly Malloy.

This legislation is modeled after existing laws that are in Connecticut, California, Oregon and Washington state.

Outside of the state house, advocates for gun ownership said that the bill misses the point and that more focus needs to be on mental health care.

"Sadly, it's a good soundbite for the general public. When you dig down to it, it is a very cruel piece of legislation," said Bob Wallace of the Gun Owner's Action League. 

Seventeen people were murdered and more than a dozen others were injured on Wednesday when a gunman entered a high school in Parkland, Florida, and opened fire. The alleged gunman faced a judge on Thursday.

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