Police: Mother, Teen Bound by 3 Suspects During Armed Home Invasion

A woman and a teen were bound by three suspects as three young children looked on during an armed home invasion in Randolph, Massachusetts, on Thursday morning.

It began with the doorbell ringing, and when the residents answered, three men barged into the home.

"They were bad guys and they pushed my mom into the corner," said 8-year-old Nancy Tran.

Fifty-year-old Hong Tran, her young daughter Nancy, and three other children were inside the Highland Avenue duplex at the time. The men shoved Hong Tran onto the floor, tying her hands with string and her feet with duct tape. They did the same to a 17-year-old boy. And they put duct tape over their mouths.

"They tied her hands up and they scratched her," said Nancy Tran. "They covered their mouths so they won't scream."

The men, one of them with a knife, told the children to sit on the couch while they ransacked the home, stealing a purse, cash, an iPad, a laptop, and even yanking a gold necklace off of Nancy's neck.

"We were scared," said the child.

The victims called 911 after the suspects left.

It's unclear why the three suspects chose the home, but when they entered the house, they actually asked if it was a different address, so they may have had a different place in mind.

No one was injured in the incident.

All three suspects - who police said appeared to be in their 20s - remain on the loose.

The investigation is ongoing.

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