‘Potentially Deadly Prank': Arrows Shot at Homes in Salem

Multiple incidents have been reported and property has been damaged

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Police in Salem, Massachusetts, are looking for an archer who has been shooting arrows at homes, apparently at random.

Authorities said the incidents are believed to have taken place at night, and in both South and North Salem.

"I came home from work on Tuesday and noticed the one that was sticking inside the room," said Janice Baldwin, whose house was hit.

One arrow went through her spare bedroom window.

"It's kind of nerve-wracking to think, 'What if somebody was in there?'" she said.

"You would never think that there's a mad archer running around your neighborhood shooting at homes," said Jessica Infante.

The Salem resident never worried about catching a stray arrow inside her house, but that changed this week.

"It's a little scary because that's definitely a dangerous weapon," Infante said.

"This is a potentially deadly prank," said Salem Police Chief Lucas Miller.

Miller says the person responsible likely doesn't want to hurt anyone, but a few inches could be the difference between a criminal mischief case and a homicide investigation.

"While, so far, there's only been property damage, we're very concerned that somebody could potentially be hurt or even killed," he said.

Anyone who has experienced a similar incident is asked to call 978-744-1212.

Those with information regarding the matter are asked to call the Criminal Investigations Division at 978-745-9700 or the Anonymous Tip Line at 978-619-5627.

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