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Assault of Woman Along Charles River in Cambridge Under Investigation

Massachusetts State Police are investigating the alleged assault of a woman that took place Tuesday night along the Charles River in Cambridge.

Police said it took place at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Western Avenue.

According to an alert by nearby Harvard University, an undergraduate student was assaulted just before midnight as she was running.

The victim reported being grabbed from behind by a man. She was able to pepper spray him and escape before running to nearby campus housing.

Harvard University sophomore Yukon Zbytovsky got the alert and was shocked to hear of the assault.

"It is definitely scary and worrying that it's right in my community," Zbytovsky said. "I know in the police alert it said he ran off towards the river houses which is where I live, so it's really worrying and just cause for concern."

Some area residents said they are not surprised to hear of the assault.

"Sadly not surprised to hear it because I know it does happen," said Cambridge resident, Keri Bonney. "I think it's one of those things we hear about it all the time."

Campus police are telling students to be alert and aware of their surroundings and to take proper precautions. Many students say they only run when there are people around.

"Yeah just haven't been going out much at night by myself," Yukon said.

Harvard University officials said the victim was unable to get a good description of the suspect.

Massachusetts State Police are in charge of the investigation because the assault happened along the river.

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