Attempted Thief Arrested After Diving Through Window of Medford Home: Police

An elderly women at home at the time managed to get away from the alleged burglar, Medford police said

An attempted thief who allegedly hurled himself through the window of an elderly women’s home in Medford Friday afternoon and attempted to prevent her from alerting authorities has been arrested, according to Medford police.

The woman in the home told officers she had been sitting in the first floor of her house when she heard a crash. Upon checking out the sound, she saw the man enter through a newly-broken window and land onto the floor.

The victim ran out the door to flee the intruder, but says she was grabbed on her way down the driveway as the man apparently attempted to pull her back to the house. She managed to escape and reach a neighbor’s house, where the neighbor called 911 at 4:43 p.m., authorities said.

Back at the house, the intruder ⁠— identified by police as 31-year-old Samuel Wambua ⁠— ransacked several rooms, collecting some jewelry, police said. Officers arrived before Wambua left and removed him from the house.

Officers brought Wambua to the hospital for treatment on his arms, which had been lacerated from leaping through the window. He was then brought into custody and booked for breaking and entering, among other charges.

In their report, police said they do not know whether Wambua may have been involved in other recent breaking and entering cases in Medford.

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