New Hampshire

Attitash Mountain Resort Cancels 10 Upcoming Weddings

Ten couples are scrambling after Attitash Mountain Resort in New Hampshire canceled their upcoming weddings.

Samantha Lary grew up in New Hampshire, and when she got engaged she knew she wanted to be married near her hometown.

“It was kind of a no-brainer that I wanted to get married in the woods back home,” said Lary. “Especially during foliage season.”

The Grand Summit Hotel at Attitash Mountain seemed like the perfect place.

“We actually flew out from California to go to Attitash specifically for a tasting on the menu and to finalize plans,” said Lary. “Planning across the country is not really that easy.”

After the visit, she was sold.

A contract was signed for September, a wing of rooms was set aside, and the invitations were ready.

But just days ago, the dream wedding turning into a mess.

The hotel called to say the wedding was off.

“They were just like, 'we’re sorry we had to cancel,'” recalls Lary. “We hope you find something and that you have a backup, good luck.”

A spokesperson for Attitash tells us the mountain’s contract to operate the hotel has been canceled by the hotel’s homeowners association.

And nothing can be done.

Calling it an “unfortunate” situation and “out of our control”, Attitash says it will work with families on referrals for other venues.

Ten couples now need to make new plans.

“That’s the part that’s actually really upsetting,” said Lary. “They were like, 'sorry, have fun, good luck,' rather than, 'let us help you find something else.'”

Attitash tells us everyone will get their money back.

We did reach out to the homeowner’s association at the hotel for a comment, but so far there has been no response.

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