‘Crazy': Maine Trick-or-Treater Finds Marijuana in Halloween Haul

Adults turned in the bag of marijuana to local police

Instead of tricks or treats, a teen in Maine said she received a bag of marijuana Wednesday night while trick-or-treating near a middle school.

Steve Gagne, the fiance of the teen's mother, said he turned it in to Auburn police Thursday morning and filed a report.

"I'm just dismayed," the Lewiston resident said. "The world is a crazy place these days."

Gagne said it was the first year the girl, who is 13 years old, was allowed to trick-or-treat with friends. She said she stayed on side streets near the school, but can't be sure where the pot came from.

She said she didn't notice it until she got home, and was sorting through her candy with her parents.

"While we were going through the bag, she kind of pulled it out like, 'Oh, I got this,'" said Gagne. "We are very proud of her for doing the right thing and turning it into us. We're glad it was one of our older kids and not younger kids that got it."

Auburn Interim Police Chief Jason Moen confirmed the bag contained marijuana, and a report was filed. He said it appears to be an isolated incident, but is asking anyone with information to contact police.

"Any parent should be looking through their kid's trick-or-treat bag, making sure all the candy is intact and does not have any safety issues," said Moen.

At the same time, police in Newport, Maine, are investigating after a pin was found sticking out of a peanut butter cup. In a post on the department Facebook page, police say a parent was stabbed by the pin while reaching into a child's treat bag.

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