Authorities Identify 17 Victims in Duck Boat Tragedy

As the community in Branson, Missouri mourns the duck boat tragedy, authorities have identified those who were lost in Thursday night's accident.

The crash killed 17 people, nine of whom were from one family.

The victims were from Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Arkansas. They ranged in age, with the youngest just 1-year-old and the oldest 73-years-old.

Tia Coleman told Indianapolis television station WXIN that she and a nephew were the only survivors among 11 relatives aboard the boat. She said she lost her three children, Evan, Reece and Arya, her husband, Glenn, and other members of her family.

Coleman said the captain told passengers that they would not need life jackets. By the time of the accident, "it was too late."

She said she was trapped in the boat but managed to free herself and swim to shore.

Her family likely wouldn't have been aboard the ill-fated trip except for a ticket mix-up. They should have boarded at a different location but were reassigned.

The duck boat capsized and sank in stormy weather in the deadliest such accident in almost two decades.

The driver has been identified by authorities as Robert Williams. He used to live in Providence, Rhode Island.

There was another duck boat in the water at the same time that made it to shore. Investigators are looking into what that boat did differently to save everybody's lives.

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