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Autumn Weather Returns

Autumn is digging in its heels. Highs today barely made 70 in many spots. While refreshing and dry, this airmass can work against you...

..if you bring in the rain.

Case in point: tomorrow. With morning temps in the 40s and showers settling in, there's not much of an opportunity for a warmup. In fact, I'm thinking that temps around greater Worcester may only peak at a see-your-breath high of 48 or 49!

For the final day of September, this one is a stinker. Timing shows that most of the steady rain will end in the early afternoon, leaving us with clouds and a few random sprinkles, so the entire day isn't washed out. However, clearing won't come until nearly sunset, so El Sol essentially has the day off.

It's back in full force Sunday. Highs will once again soar into the 60s under a spectacularly blue sky. Great day for the Topsfield Fair, apple picking, pumpkin "selecting" (OK picking), or any other fall activities.

Superb throughout next week, with a slight chance at a shower late Thursday and early Friday. This type of autumn pattern is a slam-dunk forecast: there's nothing riveting (like a tropical system) to disturb the flow of weather systems. Enjoy and revel in the emerging fall colors!

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