‘Backpack Full of Cash' Explores Real Costs of Privatizing America's Public Schools

A new documentary, which premiered in Boston, is addressing the national debate on education.

The acclaimed documentary, "Backpack Full of Cash", explores the growing privatization of public schools and the impact it's having on America’s children.

Actor and Cambridge native Matt Damon narrates the film.

"It's a grassroots solution to a grassroots problem," said Damon.

His message — public education in the United States is headed the wrong direction.

"Both parties — the Republicans and the Democrats — have kind of invited these billionaire. As if that's going to solve it. And they're trying to apply these business metrics to education and there's so much more nuiance to that," said Damon.

Filmmakers are hoping this documentary will start a larger discussion and show what would happen if our country loses public education.

"Greater inequality, more super rich people, more poor people," said filmmaker Sarah Mondale.

"We have to be careful about the institution of public education," said filmmaker Vera Aronow.

After the film was shown at the Wheelock Family Theatre, Damon took part in a round table discussion with several education advocates in the area.

It's just one of many discussions being made across the country since the film was completed in April.

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