Bail Revoked for Child Rape Suspect Freed by Controversial Judge

After he allegedly plotted to kill his victims from behind bars, bail was revoked for a child rape suspect in Massachusetts who had been previously held on a $1,000 bail by a controversial judge.

Thirty-eight-year-old Salisbury resident Scott Smith was ordered to be held without bail as he hid behind his attorney in Salem Superior Court on Monday morning.

Smith, who was already facing child rape and child pornography charges, tried to have two teenage victims killed while he was in jail awaiting trial, according to prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the judge who previously heard the case, Judge Timothy Feeley, is under fire for previously releasing the defendant on bail as prosecutors accuse Smith of trying to have his victims killed.

State prosecutors had initially argued to keeping Smith behind bars; however, the judge ordered him to be held on a $1,000 bail and to have a GPS bracelet.

Smith was taken back into custody shortly after allegations that he tried to have his victims murdered while he was in custody at Middleton jail came to light, according to prosecutors.

In a statement, prosecutors said, "The defendant, while incarcerated has solicited another to arrange for the murder of the two victims in this case. The Commonwealth continues to believe that this defendant poses a danger to the victims and society."

Smith's case is the latest case that has critics calling for the judge to be removed from the bench. In May, he gave an admitted heroin dealer probation instead of prison time, leading to countless protests outside of the courthouse.

Monday's hearing was handled by a different judge and has been continued until Nov. 19.

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