Charlie Baker

Baker Calls Latest Reports Involving Rosenberg ‘Troubling'

Gov. Baker spoke out about recent reports about former state senate president Stan Rosenberg.

Gov. Charlie Baker says if the most recent reports involving former Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg are true, the Democrat shouldn't return to the Senate's top post.

The Boston Globe reported Sunday that Rosenberg's husband Bryon Hefner had involved himself in matters before the Senate, including having access to Rosenberg's Senate email, despite Rosenberg's promise to keep a "firewall" between his professional and personal lives.

Rosenberg said in a statement Monday that despite any suggestions to the contrary, Hefner did not exert any influence over his actions and decisions as president.

"I continue to rely on the Senate Ethics Committee investigation to determine all the facts, and I look forward to its completion," said Rosenberg.

Rosenberg relinquished the presidency after several men, some of whom had business before the Legislature, told The Boston Globe they had been sexually abused by Hefner.

Rosenberg and Hefner have separated.

The Republican governor called the newest reports "troubling."

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