‘Bannon Got the Boot': Lawmakers, Viewers React to Stephen Bannon's White House Departure

Many viewers were glad to see chief strategist Stephen Bannon leave the White House

On Friday afternoon White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon departed the Trump White House, prompting reaction from many lawmakers and viewers on social media.

The majority of responses were positive reaction to Bannon's departure.

"Steve Bannon didn't belong in the White House. Glad he is out," Massachusetts Representative Michael Capuano tweeted.

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey posted, "Amen and hallelujah. #Bannon."

"Despite how gloomy it is today, I urge you to be thankful that #Bannon is out. There's no place for a hate monger in the WH," @ItsBossCharles tweeted.

"Wishing nothing but the worst to Steve Bannon in his next endeavor. A face not even a mother could love," @paulinaburrito tweeted.

Scot Hernandez tweeted, "bye #Bannon who is next off the trump island??"

The White House released a statement explaining the decision was a mutual one between the Chief of Staff John Kelly and Bannon.

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