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Boston College Will Ban Electric Scooters Starting After Winter Break

Boston College students are being told not to bring e-scooters to campus when they return from winter break, with the school citing safety concerns

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Boston College is moving to ban electric scooters and other modes of transportation like electric skateboards and hoverboards over safety concerns.

Kyle Wolff, a freshman on BC's baseball team, says his e-scooter makes getting back and fourth to practice more convenient.

"I don't take it to class," he said. "I just use it to get down to the field just because it's so far away."

A growing number of schools around the country are putting restrictions on electric devices like e-scooters, with students suffering serious injuries and, in at least one case, death.

"There's obviously convenience with them, but there's also some danger. They go really fast. People are worried about collisions," said BC student Jack Redmond.

But electric scooters are also useful to BC students, given the size and terrain of the college campus.

"There are a lot of hills, and I guess it would make it easier to do that, but I've been walking to my classes and it's been fine," another BC student said.

BC says there have been reports of near-collisions, and people have been hurt. The school is also worried about the risk of fire resulting from recharging the batteries.

It wants the e-devices removed from campus entirely over winter break.

"It's an inconvenience for us, but it's another thing will have to make work," Wolff said.

The ban takes effect Dec. 22. It does not apply to electric bikes.

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