Bear Killed After Getting Into NH Home With Toddler Inside: Report

A bear got into a home in Jackson, New Hampshire, to eat trash inside, police said Monday; The Boston Globe reported that a 2-year-old was sleeping inside, and that the bear was put down later on. 

The young male bear broke into the rental home Saturday afternoon, according to the Globe. After the toddler's "shaken up" mother called police, an officer removed the boy from the home and flushed the bear out, shooting it with a non-lethal bullet made of rubber.

But the bear was put down after it returned close by the home minutes later, while police were investigating how it had gotten inside in the first place.

Jackson police on Monday warned residents of an ongoing bear activity boost in the town that's included, along with the home break-in, bears getting into vehicles.

"Please lock your car doors and bring trash to the dump as often as you can to avoid attracting the Bears," police wrote in a statement.

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