Bear Spotted Wandering Around Peabody Neighborhood

Police in Peabody, Massachusetts, along with environmental authorities, are tracking a black bear that was seen Wednesday in the community

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Environmental authorities in Massachusetts are tracking a black bear that was spotted Wednesday in Peabody, Massachusetts.

The bear was seen on a bike path and in residential neighborhoods.

"Super quiet. If I had not looked up, I never would've seen him," said Erin MacGilvray, who recorded footage of the animal in her mother's backyard on Styles Drive.

"Clearly, the bears have now entered our area and are looking for food sources," Peabody Mayor Edward Bettencourt said in a robocall to residents.

A black bear was also seen in Peabody in early August. There have been multiple sightings in recent weeks in neighboring Middleton and Danvers.

Police in Peabody advise residents to take down bird feeders and cover trash barrels. They also say not to approach the bear if you see it.

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