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Bernie Sanders Undergoes Heart Procedure Due to Blocked Artery

He is conversing and in good spirits, according to his campaign

Bernie Sanders underwent a heart procedure after the Democratic presidential candidate was found to have a blockage in an artery on Tuesday night, the Sanders campaign announced Wednesday. Sanders is canceling campaign events until further notice. 

Sanders, 78, experienced some chest discomfort during a campaign event, his campaign said. Following a medical evaluation and testing, a blockage was found and two stents were successfully inserted.

He is conversing and in good spirits, according to his campaign.

"He will be resting up over the next few days," Jeff Weaver, senior adviser to the Sanders campaign, said in a statement. "We are canceling his events and appearances until further notice, and we will continue to provide appropriate updates."

Jane O'Meara Sanders told The Associated Press by email that her husband was "doing really well." 

The campaign did not say where he is being treated.


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According to his campaign's Facebook page, Sanders was scheduled to attend a Las Vegas Grassroots Fundraiser on Tuesday night at an undisclosed location. He also had events scheduled in Las Vegas on Wednesday and California on Thursday and Friday.

The Vermont Senator was just in New Hampshire on Sunday and Monday, holding a series of campaign events.

This isn't the first time he has had a medical issue while on the campaign trail. When he was running for president in November of 2015, Sanders underwent an outpatient hernia repair procedure.

It remains to be seen how Sanders' health will impact his campaign.

"This is going to raise legitimate issues about his health and whether he could withstand the rigors of the presidency," Stonehill College Dean Peter Ubertaccio said. "I think when you demonstrate vitality on the campaign trail that voters tend to probably worry a little bit less about a health issue and a stent is not an uncommon occurrence for many people."

News of Sanders' health seems to be spreading fast and voters are also wondering what his political fate will be.

"When I heard about it, I was wondering if he's going to be able to continue with his campaign," voter Jeff Apotheker said.

"I have the feeling that this is going to, I don't want to say completely sink his campaign, but I think it's going to make a major difference," said voter Barbara Adelman.

Voter Susan Vogt Brown said she's less optimistic about Sanders' presidential future.

"Gone. Over. Done. Can't recover," she said. "There is a huge field and they're looking to winnow it down and age has always been a problem."

Other Democratic presidential contenders shared well-wishes for Sanders on Wednesday: 

A Trump campaign spokesman tweeted prayers and wishes for a "speedy recovery." 

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