Bicyclist Seriously Injured After Being Hit By a Car in Westboro, Massachusetts

A source says the car kept driving with the victim still on the roof

A bicyclist was seriously injured after being struck by a BMW SUV in Westboro, Massachusetts, on Wednesday afternoon.

A source told the NBC Boston Investigators that a woman was driving when she struck another woman on a bicycle on West Main Street around 1:30 p.m.

According to another source, the victim ended up on the roof of the BMW wagon and the driver kept going for several blocks before she finally stopped.

The driver was later identified as Anwesa Sengupta, of South Grafton. Her husband, Sanjay, said she had tried swerving out of the way.

"The brakes failed and the car swerved out of control," he said. "The car lost control, she just couldn't stop."

He said that his wife is very upset over what happened.

"She is mentally shattered, it is not easy for her to see her run over someone," Sengupta said.

Neighbor Kelli Silva said the driver stopped almost in front of her house.

"She seemed upset, she was sitting over here on the lawn, and yeah, she seemed upset," Silva said. "It had to have been very traumatic, whatever happened."

The Worcester Telegram said the bicyclist was taken to UMass Memorial Medical Center with "multiple traumatic injuries." Westboro police said the 48-year-old sustained serious injuries to her head, back, hip and leg.

The cyclist was later identified by police as 48-year-old Mary Beth Baloney.

"We have a lot of kids that are walking across the street, trying to get to different places, lots of young kids in the neighborhood, so it is scary," Silva said.

The bicycle lay mangled on the street, its front tire badly bent. The BMW had a broken windshield and suffered heavy damage on the front diver's side.

Police said Sengupta's phone was obtained as part of the investigation and she was tested for drugs and alcohol at the scene. The investigation is ongoing but at this time, she is not facing any charges.

"We will do everything in our humble means to assist the family in any way possible," said Sanjay Sengupta.

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