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Big Storm Wraps Up, Dangerous Cold Moves In

Wind chills will be in the double digits below 0° for most of the day Monday.

It was a wild stretch of weather over the last 24 hours. Snow, ice, sleet, rain, thunderstorms, damaging winds, coastal flooding (I think I remembered everything).

There was significant snow in northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine with a widespread 12-24” of snow.

Sleet made it all the way to Plymouth, New Hampshire, which cut down on totals there.

Temperatures quickly dropped in to the Commonwealth, which changed rain back to sleet and freezing rain expect for the Cape and Islands. Parts of southeastern Massachusetts soared into the 50s Sunday morning, meanwhile in the Merrimack Valley, temperatures were only in the 10s.

The serious icing was confined to portions of Connecticut (it was very localized in Massachusetts).

Coastal flooding was minor, but widespread from the New Hampshire Seacoast all the way down to Connecticut.

From wintry precipitation we turn to dangerous cold. Re-freezing will lead to treacherous conditions on the roadways for all of New England. With temperatures around 0°, road salt isn’t as effective. Wind chills will be in the double digits below 0° for most of the day Monday. If you aren’t dressed for it, frostbite will be possible within 30 minutes.

Temperatures moderate Tuesday and Wednesday with high back into the 30s and 40s.

Heavy rain is likely during the day on Thursday before the cold air returns. An early call is for 1-3” of rain, which will be enough to cause some potentially significant flooding.

By next weekend temperatures look colder, and it’s possible that we could see some wintry precipitation return. Stay tuned!

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