‘Biggest Weekend of the Year for Us': South Boston Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Southie was alive Friday on St. Patrick's Day, and the rest of the weekend is expected to be just as busy

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The lines started early to get into South Boston bars Friday night, with more celebration expected for the rest of St. Patrick's Day weekend.

"This is probably the craziest weekend in Southie," said Allison Donohue.

Eager St. Patrick's Day revelers were ready to get the party started.

"It brings everybody together," said Rich Pedone. "Everybody's Irish today."

This is one of the busiest weekends of the year in South Boston, with the St. Patrick's Day Parade set for Sunday.

At the Irish pub Telegraph Hill, the beer and liquor were flowing.

"We've gone through many, many a keg of Guinness," said bartender Camille Cramer. "Jameson's flowing. So all of the Southie staples."


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At Fresh Boston, the holiday weekend is a good way to get their name out.

"We're a deli, restaurant, a liquor store, a bar," said owner Charlie Merritt. "We kind of got it all."

Fresh Boston just opened up in November and hopes all the foot traffic could be just the lucky charm the business needs to win over new customers.

"It might be the biggest weekend of the year for us," said Merritt.

St. Patrick's Day is considered an unofficial end to winter by some.

"You can't ask for anything better, especially with spring coming around," said Chris Jones. "We're finally coming out of the winter, this is really when the city of Boston starts to find their place."

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