FIRST ON NECN: Bikers Take Over Boston Tunnel

This slowed down traffic over Memorial Day weekend

Dozens of bikers, some riding ATVs, virtually took over Boston's Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Jr. Tunnel tunnel over Memorial Day weekend, riding ahead of traffic, slowing cars down, and popping wheelies, traffic camera video shows.

The video, which was recorded on Sunday, shows some stood on their bikes with their front wheels off the road.

State Police said they were contacted that day about the situation, but according to their logs, none of the troopers made any contact with the bikers.

"We have no tolerance for it because it creates a very dangerous environment," Massachusetts State Police Major Terry Hanson said.

Hanson said it's also difficult to get these illegal street riders because of response time.

"It's not like you got a, where you have oftentimes like an OUI or something like that that's banging into cars, where you get multiple calls to track it, but a single occasion where they're just moving straight through, it's a matter of getting there," he said.

Bikers left drivers with few options other than to slow down to avoid accidents. No violence was reported. 

It wasn't the first time bikers have taken to the tunnel en masse. Videos posted to YouTube show a similar "Boston Massacre" ride in 2012. 

A group of bikers took over the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York City in September of 2013.

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