Cold Air Swings in With Biting Wind Chill

The low pressure that brought a wintry mix to New England on Tuesday is now very powerful and stalling to our north.

The impact so far has been close to a foot of snow at the ski areas, a coating of ice for much of southern Hampshire and southern and eastern Maine, and less than a 20th of an inch of rain near Boston.

That means that just about all of New England is experiencing icy, and, in some cases, treacherous roads, especially side roads and sidewalks early Wednesday morning.

Because the storm system is stalling over Quebec the next couple of days, we endure an icy cold wind in New England.

With a mixture of sun and clouds and a few flurries, the temperatures Wednesday do not go up much. The temperature will hold in the 20s south and 10s north.

Wind from the west could gust past 40 mph with spotty wind damage possible.

The wind chill factor adds an extra cold sting to the air.

The storm stalling for the next few days may assist in driving the next couple of snow systems coming at us to veer off to the west and south of New England.

Though it is a very challenging forecast, it appears that a little bit of snow should just barely clip Connecticut, Rhode Island, Cape Cod and the Islands Wednesday night into eary Thursday.

Less than an inch or two of snow is likely.

Otherwise most of New England stays fair, with a slightly less windy Thursday.

The air remains very cold with a high temperature in the 10s north to 20s south.

Another weak system will pass close to our coast with the possibility of some more light snow late Friday into Saturday. That storm also will intensify offshore pushing another batch of cold windy weather in here for Friday night and Saturday.

A lot of the weekend may end up dry, but another system is going to be approaching later Sunday, with a chance of more snow developing at night.

The track of that system is still a long ways out and is a big challenge, but it looks like very similar to what happened here on Tuesday, with rain at the coast and snow at the ski areas possible to start off next week.

Either way we are still locked into a pretty wintry pattern, and a white Christmas is likely for most of New England.

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