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Lawyer Wants Evidence in ‘House of Squalor’ Case Tossed

Erika Murray Court 122914

The lawyer of a Massachusetts woman accused of murdering two infants hopes to suppress evidence and statements resulting from two search warrants at her Blackstone home that was dubbed a "House of Horror."

Worcester district attorney's office confirms Erika Murray's attorney filed a motion last week, which contends one of the search warrants resulting in the discovery of skeletal remains of three infants didn't establish probable cause.

Murray was arrested after an older child alerted a neighbor about a crying baby in his now-torn down home, which was full of trash and animal feces. Authorities were called to respond to the house, and found two children, a 3 year old and a 5 month old. Police say there were no birth records for these children, who were removed from the home along with their school-aged siblings by the state's child welfare agency.

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