Blast of Winter Cold Arrives, Several Chances for Snow in the Next Week

A blast of winter cold has arrived to New England, and while the cold has staying power, the wind is a bit more fleeting, gusting to 40 mph at times Wednesday and diminishing overnight.

The gusty wind, combined with temperatures in the twenties, means a Wednesday wind chill in the single digits and teens that will carry through the evening.

The next energetic atmospheric disturbance to impact the Northeast is already over the Great Lakes and racing east and will spread increasing clouds to New England overnight, cutting short a viewing of the Geminid meteor shower and delivering a coating to an inch of light snow to the South Coast predawn Thursday through sunrise before exiting.

As cold air persists, the weekend will remain quiet until a chance of snow showers Sunday evening, Tuesday evening and perhaps again next Friday, heading into a Christmas weekend that could bring some volatile weather at times.

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