Board Discusses Rules for Legalized Marijuana

The Cannabis Control Commission says it is on track to be up and running with legalized recreational marijuana by July following a vote on draft regulations Thursday afternoon.

After spending much of the past two weeks finding agreement over the rules required to implement the recreational marijuana law in Massachusetts, the Cannabis Control Commission voted unanimously to approve those draft regulations including where and how to let people use pot in social settings.

Chairman Steven Hoffman says the Commission agreed on a primary use license. For example a Cannabis bar - as one type of on-site consumption license, the second is so-called "mixed-use licenses."

Hoffman says, "It would be something like yoga or massage therapy. But the proprietor would be allowed to use marijuana to enhance the services they were offering.

Jim Borghesani of the Yes on Four Campaign says, "People have to remember, even if the cannabis control commission authorizes a class of licenses for social consumption, it still requires a local vote."

That extra layer of local control is comforting to those who did not support the ballot question legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016, but there is still unease about increased access to products like edibles.

Bob Cornell of Boston says "I think they’re easy for people under age to get them so, I’m a little concerned about that."

Still, many feel comfortable with the social consumption regulations, like John Quinn of Melrose. "It’s a substance people use to have a good time just like alcohol and I think if you do it responsibly you should be able to do it kind of wherever the law allows," said Melrose.

These draft regulations will be now be published and the public will have until the end of January to review followed by public hearings around the state.

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