Super Bowl Bet Brewing Between Boston and Philadelphia Beer Makers

Patriots versus Eagles in Super Bowl LII is already intense, but Sam Adams beer founder Jim Koch is pouring it on.

He's teaming with Jack’s Abby’s in Framingham for a beer bet with two Philadelphia area beer makers, Yuengling and Victory.

“When the Patriots win, they get to wear goats masks and Patriots colors and drink Sam Adams and go cry in their beer,” said Koch.

The goat mask is a reference to Tom Brady being the “GOAT,” an acroynym for “greatest of all time.”

Eagles fans are known to wear dog masks to represent their underdog status.

If the Patriots lose, Sam Adams and Jack’s Abby employees will have to wear dog masks and Eagles colors in their breweries.

On Monday, the beer makers were exchanging trash talk on Twitter.

“We always beat these bird teams,” Koch said, “Falcons, Seahawks, we already beat the Eagles!”

Koch said in the end they are all hoping for a good game and also raising money for good causes.

All the breweries will collect donations to preserve the Bald Eagle and to support the Freedom Trail in Boston.

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