Marty Walsh

Boston's City Council May Ban Plastic Bags

Changes to the way people shop in Boston may be coming soon as city counselors reportedly plan to vote on a proposal banning single-use plastic shopping bags.

The Boston Globe reports the proposal, which was sponsored by Councilor Matt O'Malley, would require shoppers to either bring reusable shopping bags or pay 5 cents for plastic bags that are thicker and could be used at least one more time.

The proposal marks an ongoing effort by environmentalists to reduce trash and encourage sustainable alternatives.

The Globe reports Mayor Marty Walsh's office is still reviewing the proposal.

"Litter affects every neighborhood, and this is one way we can clean it," O'Malley tells the Globe.

Opponents to the ban reportedly say the fee is a new tax for shoppers and creates a business burden.

The vote for the proposal could be held as soon as Wednesday, the Globe reports.

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