Boston City Councilors Call for Limits on Police Crowd Control Tactics

Two Boston City Councilors are calling for a ban on certain tactics used by police to keep crowds under control

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Boston City Councilors Andrea Campbell and Ricardo Arroyo are pushing for restrictions on police tactics used to keep crowds under control amid ongoing protests against police brutality.

The councilors are proposing limitations on chemical crowd control agents and kinetic impact projectiles in an ordinance that states while these devices are thought to be less dangerous to their targets than firearms, all entail significant risks of causing serious bodily harm.

A hearing is scheduled Wednesday to discuss the ordinance.

The proposed restrictions would include tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets or flash bangs during protests or demonstrations, with some exceptions.

On-scene supervisors, holding the rank of deputy superintendent or higher, who personally witnesses certain acts of violence or destruction of property would be authorized to use those tactics, but only after two separate warnings over a loudspeaker.

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