Boston College Kids: ‘See Something, Say Something,' Police Commissioner Says

Anyone who believes they've had their drink spiked is asked to report it to police by calling 911 or visiting a police station

A file photo showing a person appearing to sprinkle drugs into a drink at a bar
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With college students return to Boston at the start of the fall season and the city's nightlife heats up, the city's new police commissioner sent out a message Monday warning them about reports of "roofie" incidents and urging them to use rideshares safely.

Commissioner Michael Cox said that the Boston Police Department has seen social media posts about people saying they had their drinks spiked at bars in the area. Anyone who believes that's happened to them is asked to report it to police by calling 911 or visiting a police station.

Last week, the department had put out a community alert about the danger of drinks that are spiked with Rohypnol, GHB or ketamine, which can knock the victim out and leave them vulnerable to their assailant. People at bars should never let someone they don't know or trust give them a drink or leave their drink unattended.

"Many creative inventions exist that can help you cover your drink," police wrote.

Police have told the NBC10 Investigators these types of incidents go underreported, meaning police have very few reports of drugged drinks.

Two women are coming forward about the night their drinks were drugged in Boston.

Cox on Tuesday also reminded students that, when getting into an Uber or Lyft, they should check information they received from the company against the license plate and driver's name. Don't get into a ride you didn't order, and do use the "share your ride" function to let friends or family track your location, he said.

"Please follow the adage, 'see something, say something'. Call your local campus security or 9-1-1 if you observe anything of a public safety concern," Cox wrote in summary.

He also urged the students to "represent yourself, your families and your schools in a positive manner and in the tradition of these fine institutions."

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