Crews Working on Pipe in Boston Common Trigger Water Geyser

A water geyser erupted on the Boston Common Monday morning as city crews were doing work on a pipe at the country's oldest park.

Crews were in the process of doing a leak detection with equipment when water began shooting out of the pipe, according to the Boston Water and Sewer Commission.

The leak detection process requires screwing on an apparatus to the pipe to detect leaks, and in the process of doing so, the pipe and apparatus became unscrewed, causing the water to jettison upwards.

The water has since been shut down, and no one ran out of during the time it was flowing.

Crews are expected to have the pipe fixed within an hour or two.

The burst of water attracted attention on social media.

"A giant water geyser on the Boston Common," Patrick McMahon tweeted. "Are we trying to replicate Old Faithful?"

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