Boston Drops to 4th Best City for St. Patrick's Day Celebration

When it comes to St. Patrick's Day tradition, you may think no place in the country beats Boston. But according to a new ranking, three other U.S. cities show more Irish pride.

A list released by WalletHub has Boston falling behind Chicago, Philadelphia and Madison, Wisconsin. Boston dropped to fourth on the list because of cost, safety, accessibility and weather.

Stapleton in South Boston helps a number of families in the area keep the St. Patrick's Day tradition alive every year by providing St. Patrick's Day decor.

"Right after Valentine's Day, the very next week, there were people walking in asking, 'Are you going to have any St. Patrick's Day decorations?' Of course," explained Christy Toledo of Stapleton.

Toledo acknowledged that safety is an important factor in celebrating.

"Safety, especially at night, you know, being a girl," she said. "It's always a concern."

Amy Sleeper just moved to Boston from New York.

"Weather, for sure, is number one," said Sleeper. "It's a factor for everything here, I would say."

Nate Lauren has lived in Southie for 11 years.

"If it's cold, people are going to be out partying," he said. "If it's warmer, more people will be out partying."

Bostonians told NBC10 Boston a ranking list will not affect how they plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and how they feel about their city.

"Who's number one for football and baseball? So we got that. That's what matters," Lauren expressed.

Americans are expected to spend over $5 billion dollars on St. Patrick’s Day this year.

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