Boston Globe Drops Lawsuit Against Ex-Employee Over Texts

The Boston Globe is dropping a lawsuit against a former employee who has accused the newspaper's top editor of sending her inappropriate text messages.

The Boston Globe says in court documents that an order demanding that Hilary Sargent reveal more information about the alleged text exchange between her and Brian McGrory is "no longer necessary." The Globe says Sargent has provided information it sought.

Sargent last month tweeted a screenshot of a text exchange she said occurred between her and McGrory in which she says McGrory asked her what she wears when she writes.

McGrory says he has never harassed Sargent or others. Sargent and McGrory have confirmed they dated years ago.

Sargent says she never refused to cooperate with the Globe's investigation and is pleased it dropped its lawsuit.

"No media institution that expects to be taken seriously on the issue of sexual harassment should ignore concerns of one of its former employees, nor should they resort to litigation as a first option," she said in a statement. "I am disappointed that the Globe's leadership chose that route, and I'm pleased they chose to drop this lawsuit.

"I look forward to speaking openly without the threat of litigation, and in a manner that takes into account the sensitivity of the subject matter," she added.

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