Boston Man Reportedly Stops Armed Robber on Chicago Train

Social media video shows Jean-Paul LaPierre pinning a man against the train door, yelling "Get down on the ground!"

A Boston man who was in Chicago for a marathon is being hailed for disarming an alleged armed robber on a train over the weekend.

Jean-Paul LaPierre was on his way to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on a Blue Line train, Sunday, when he saw a man showing a handgun to passengers while demanding their money, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.   

“He was very quietly robbing people,” LaPierre told the paper. “I went up front and said to him, give me the gun and we started fighting for the gun.”

LaPierre said he pried the gun away and held the man under control until authorities arrived.

The Sun-Times reported that 30-year-old Tremaine Anderson was charged with armed robbery and unauthorized use of a weapon in connection with the incident.

Social media video shows LaPierre pinning against a door inside the train, yelling, "Get down on the ground!" 

“I kept telling him if you move I’m going to knock you out. I’m going to hit you seven times in three seconds,” he added, according to the paper.  

LaPierre told the paper he was the same person who tracked down a missing python in Newton, Massachusetts over the summer.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of things,” the paper quoted LaPierre as saying. “I just seem to be at the right place at the right time, is what people tell me.”

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