Moving on Allston Christmas? Here's Your Survival Guide

It's that time of year again - move in day around Boston kicks off next week.

Fondly referred to as "Allston Christmas" by some due to the loads of furniture and household goods left on sidewalks, move-in day can be stressful for students and the suckers, ahem, family members who help them move.


There will be many temporary traffic restrictions in place around Boston from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2; however, the Boston neighborhoods that will be the most affected by these restrictions are Allston/Brighton, Mission Hill, Fenway and Roxbury.

Click here for a full list of temporary traffic restrictions.

Also, if you have a moving truck, avoid Storrow Drive - you don't want to Storrow your truck.

If you're not moving but live in the area, consider moving your car anyway, because you don't want a U-Haul hitting your ride on Linden Street.

Congestion Areas in Boston Area During Move-In Time

This interactive map shows the potential congestion spots during the move-in period in the Boston area based on moving truck permits issued by the city.


The City of Boston requires people moving in to post signs on the street at least two days before the big day; however, if you haven't gotten a sign by now, you're out of luck since you need to apply at least two weeks before you move.

If you arrive to the site of your moving permit reservation and see that someone has already taken that spot, don't panic. Instead, call Boston police at 617-343-4911.

If the city can't get a hold of the person who parked their car, they will tow the vehicle. 

No permit? It's not the end of the world, but you're risking a ticket and possibly a tow, plus a lot of driving around in circles finding a place to park, and there's no guarantee it will be near your new place.

Remember, if you're also moving in with a car and are planning to park on the street, make sure you have a Boston residential parking permit for your neighborhood.

Click here for more info on how to get a parking sticker.

The Wonderful Sights of 'Allston Christmas'


Moving out and looking to get rid of the old couch? Don't dump it on the sidewalk without looking up how to properly dispose of it by clicking here. Also, don't furnish your apartment from what has been left on the sidewalk during Allston Christmas - it could be filled with bacteria or bedbugs.

If your furniture still has some life to it, consider donating it to Goodwill, The Furniture Bank or The Salvation Army. If you'd like some cash for it, head to Craigslist or check out Reddit's r/bostonforsale or r/boston.

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Now that you're all moved-in and you've fed everyone who helped you bring in all your furniture and boxes, it's time to start checking out your new rental.

Rental units in Boston must meet certain minimum requirements, including having heat, adequate exits and toilets. If your new place doesn't meet the full list of housing code requirements, such as if it isn't clean and sanitary, have landlord contact information or provide smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, you need to reach out to the city's Inspectional Services.

Inspectional Services officials will have extra inspectors conducting on-the-spot inspections on Sept. 1 around various neighborhoods.

Click here for more info on Inspectional Services.

Finally, if you see an issue on your street but it's not an emergency, let the city know through Boston 311 by downloading the free app on iOS or Android, going online or tweeting to @BOS311. You can also call 3-1-1 or for phone numbers outside of Boston call 617-635-4500.

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