Boston Has Fastest Job Growth in US: Report

The Hub saw an 8.4% boost in job listings last year for a variety of industries

If you’re living in Boston, you’re in the American city with the fastest growth in job opportunities, according to a report by Glassdoor.

The Hub saw an 8.4% jump in job listings last year across a variety of industries, Glassdoor reports. Among the booming industries were government, supermarkets and nonprofits, the report said. 

Glassdoor economist Daniel Zhao told CNBC the hike in job growth could potentially mean less competition for job-seekers.

"The opportunities in Boston seem to be growing very quickly, and that’s a good sign for people looking to relocate for their next job," he told CNBC.

A total of 152,683 job openings were available from September 2018 to September 2019, with a median base pay of $61,987, the report said. 

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