Boston Police Department Helps Deliver Baby

Boston Police Department officers helped deliver a baby girl on Thursday night.

Officers Kevin Rowley and Sean O'Connor were on duty when a couple arrived at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Just outside of the building, mother Haoyan Sun apparently lost consciousness.

"We had just stopped to get a sandwich," said Rowley, of being in the right place at the right time to help Sun.

It is unclear if Sun's daughter, named Aria, was born in the car or after the mother was unconscious.

However, O'Connor, a trained EMT, realized something was wrong.

"The baby was initially blue and had lots of fluids and things like that around its face and mouth," he said.

O'Connor cleared the child's face to help her breathe and she reportedly gave a loud cry - a good indicator that her breathing was improved.

The Sun and Xing families released the following statement:

"My name is Haoyan Sun and I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to your Police Officers Sean O’Connor and Kevin Rowley who saved mine and my daughter's lives around 1:30 am on Thursday midnight.

My husband and I were rushing to the Brigham and Women's Hospital for the delivery of our baby just the midnight. After I arrived outside the hospital with my husband, I fell unconscious and I was in a severe situation. We were so lucky that, at that time, Police Officers Kevin Rowley and Sean O’Connor were on night duties, and they immediately offered their support to help me and my newborn baby out of our car and send us to the hospital.

I can’t imagine what will happen to me and our baby if Police Officer Kevin Rowley and Sean O’Connor were not with us at that moment.After we were settled at hospital, the Police Officer Kevin and Sean visited us two times to make sure we are OK. We also received the beautiful and sweet gifts from Kevin, Sean and his wife. We feel so special and honored!Please accept our most sincere thanks and gratitude to Sean and Kevin!

Best regards,

Sun & Xing’s family

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