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‘We Are on Fenway Park': Police Investigating Trespassing Shown in TikTok Video

A spokesperson for the Red Sox said in a statement Monday night the team is aware of the incident and actively working with the Boston Police Department to identify the suspects.

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Boston police are investigating after a video was posted to social media showing two young men trespassing on the field of a closed Fenway Park.

In the TikTok video, two people can be seen running onto the snow-covered diamond, pretending to throw pitches and hit balls inside Boston's beloved ballpark.

"We are on the baseball field at Fenway Park," one man can be heard saying. "We are on Fenway Park, this like known, worldwide known for baseball."

Zineb Curran, a spokesperson for the team, said Monday night the Red Sox organization is aware of the incident and actively working with the Boston Police Department to identify the suspects.

According to the Red Sox, the incident occurred earlier this month.

In a statement, the team said, "two unidentified young males accessed the ballpark and were confronted by Fenway Park security before fleeing the scene."

"I think people probably have a lot of time on their hands these days, bad weather, the pandemic, and probably looking to have some fun," said Marty Dolan, who lives near Fenway.

The man who posted the video was reached over e-mail and originally agreed to an interview before he changed his mind.

"I was definitely surprised they were able to get on the field, I think they are doing vaccinations there now, so maybe they got through a door," one fan said.

Since Feb.1, Fenway Park has served as one of Massachusetts' mass vaccination sites, but it is unclear what, if any, role that may have played in this incident.

"Very surprised actually that they were able to get inside," Seth Bannish said. "Everyone is cooped up, you can't go out, you can't have fun, so they are trying to make their own, break into Fenway."

The team said they take matters of security "very seriously" and they are "constantly working to improve Fenway Park’s comprehensive security systems to prevent future incidents of this nature."

There's no word on what charges these two could be facing once they're identified by authorities, but the Boston Police Department has confirmed an investigation into the trespassing incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the CrimeStoppers tip line at 1-800-494-TIPS or text the word ‘TIP’ to 27463.

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