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Boston Preparing for Red Sox Championship Parade

The Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 on Sunday in enemy territory during Game 5 of the World Series

What to Know

  • The highly-anticipated championship parade will serve as an extra Halloween treat at 11 a.m. on Wednesday.
  • The Boston Red Sox will travel from Fenway Park to Government Center via duck boats for thousands of fans to see.
  • City officials highly encourage attendees to take public transportation to the celebration.

Boston is preparing to congratulate the Red Sox on their World Series win with a championship parade on Wednesday.

Now that the champagne showers are over, the season is done and the boys are back in town, the city is preparing for the team's celebration by closing off several streets to clear a path for the parade.

Beginning at 11 a.m. Wednesday, the Red Sox will be traveling from Fenway Park to Government Center via duck boats, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced on Monday.

"This is an all-time great team that we had," Walsh said Monday. "Congratulations to the entire team for your resilience and positivity and the way you carried yourself on the field and off the field."

The new World Series win takes on special meaning for some Boston Duck Tours drivers. Between 20 and 25 boats will follow the route from Fenway Park down Boylston Street, past Boston Common to City Hall.

The drivers don't know which boat or players they will be driving but that they will have a front seat to history.

"We work really hard. And then you get to the end of the season and you get to be a part of something like this and it’s just like,'ah' So great," said Boston Duck Tours driver Jen Mauceri.

Mauceri has driven before and never forgets the players she drove in 2013 for the Sox.

"I had Jake Peavy in Jon Lester," she recalled. "It's so loud you can't even imagine the noise... you just have to focus."

The Red Sox claimed victory after beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in Game 5 on Sunday, winning their fourth World Series title in 15 years.

Parking restrictions and road closures will be implemented for the parade beginning at midnight. City leaders are encouraging attendees to take public transportation to the highly-anticipated event.

The MBTA will have extra services to accommodate fans. Extra staff and commuter rail cars will be available for the event, according to Walsh.

Officials ask fans to be respectful, refrain from public drinking and to not climb any lampposts or trees. Since the parade falls on Halloween, authorities ask attendees who plan on dressing in costume to refrain from taking any replica firearms as accessories.

"As far as safety goes, we're encouraging people - don't do anything on the streets of Boston on Wednesday morning that you wouldn't do in front of your house," Walsh added. "Be respectful of the city."

There will not be any rally at City Hall Plaza after the parade, the mayor said. 

Wednesday's parade will be the city's 11th time hosting a championship parade since 2002.

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