Boston Officials Address Safety Concerns After Jassy Correia Case

Jassy Correia and another 23-year-old woman have been kidnapped in Boston within the last two months

The tragic death of Jassy Correia has forced Boston leaders to promote the message of staying safe, while investigators continue to dig deeper into two cases of women, including Correia, who were kidnapped in the city within the last two months.

“Women should be able to traverse anywhere they want in this city without worry of being harmed,” Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said at a press conference.

Twenty-three-year-old Correia was allegedly kidnapped by Louis D. Coleman last Saturday outside Venu Nightclub in the city's Theater District, and another 23-year-old woman was allegedly held captive in late January by Victor Pena after she left Hennessy's Bar near Fanueil Hall. In both instances, the women were taken after they had been out socializing.

“We’ve had tragedies in the past but we just want the folks of ill intent to know that this just won’t be tolerated in this city,” Gross said.

In both cases, questions have been raised about where the women's friends were.

“We are not going to play the blame game to family or friends in both of these incidents,” Gross emphasized.

“Let’s remind the men in our lives that violence against women isn’t a women’s issue. It’s a problem that men take responsibility for in their lives and their sons' lives and in the social lives with friends and colleagues,” Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins said.

Rollins and Gross both stress the best thing you can do is look out for yourself.

“What we want people to beware of is just be aware of your surroundings and what type of people are out there,” Gross said.

Commissioner Gross says there will be increased patrols throughout downtown Boston Saturday night.

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