Boston Turtle Sculpture Burning Children Some Claim

Several people have complained that the new 'Myrtle the Turtle' sculpture gets dangerously hot

Debate over a Boston sculpture is heating up.

According to the Boston Globe, the city of Boston is weighing options regarding a potentially dangerous new sculpture at a Beacon Hill playground.

Inspired by a green sea turtle at the New England Aquarium, the ‘Myrtle the Turtle’ sculpture was unveiled last month. The sculpture is low-to-the-ground and invites children to play on it.

In recent days, the city has received several complaints that it heats up to extreme temperatures making it hazardous for kids.

The Boston Globe reports that at least three complaints have been sent to the city. One of the complaints claims the sculpture reached 133 degrees. The others claim that it burned young children.

For the time being, the sculpture has been covered with a tarp. As for its long-term future in the Beacon Hill park, that question still remains.

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